IMTD is proud to utilize the expertise of its leaders and staff to provide individuals, groups, organizations, and governments with tools to promote conflict resolution to meet their needs. In addition to the grant funded programs, IMTD has special expertise in disciplines available on a fee for service basis.


The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy announces the launch of its new mediation services, which will be available to individuals, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the DC Region.

Professional Development

IMTD draws upon a network of leading experts, built over the course of 20 years, to design and lead the professional training courses.

INCAA Process

The Inclusive Nationalism Country Assessment and Action process (INCAA) is an inclusive approach to strategic planning and implementation for nation-building in distressed environments. It strengthens a state or region’s ability to be self governing, to politically and economically stabilize, and to make development decisions in a systems wise manner.

Transitional Justice

We can help enemies learn to live together as neighbors through transitional justice efforts.