Nepal: Impartial Journalism Training


IMTD responds to Nepali civil society’s invite to navigate the Maoist insurgency challenge.  We provide both Kathmandu-based training to promote peace journalism, and support trauma-healing in Asian conflict resolution.
We help address the underlying causes of the conflict by providing non-partisan training to promote neutral reporting, to support a culture of peace.  Nepal’s partisan media has fostered cynicism towards journalism in the general public. We seek to address the factors that have created this negativity and reduce personal and institutional bias in the press.
Our training involves collaboration with both local field experts and US academia, with regular interactions with Asian stakeholders. Our training in conflict resolution has been provided for 60 individuals who in turn created their own NGO, the Collective Campaign for Peace.
IMTD continue to provide continuous guidance and work across the spectrum.  These include women’s groups, Maoist supporters and former Prime Ministers.
Contact:  Dr Regina Vayaliparampil, Program Director at