Kenya: Children’s Peace Initiative


Tribal violence and conflict have plagued the rural pastoral communities in Northern Kenya for decades. These crises result in routinely stolen livestock, burnt crops and homes, wounded or killed villagers, disbanded schools, and shattered communities. Villagers are forced to flee and resettle in other venues for indefinite periods of time. Government officials, police officers, school administrators, and teachers question the success of assistance projects, claiming that abject poverty and poor education will plague the area until the violence subsides.

The Partnership

CPI-Kenya-peace-logoIMTD collaborates with Children’s Peace Initiative-Kenya (CPI-Kenya), a local community organization based in Kenya, to establish peace between ethnic tribes in Northern Kenya. The IMTD-Children’s Peace Initiative Project supports reconciliation processes by supporting the potential for tribal children to communicate and promote peace in their communities. In response to perennial conflict, notably in Marsabit, Baringo, and Samburu counties, CPI-Kenya designs programs that give children the structure to develop the foundation for sustainable peace among the local inter-tribal communities. Through efforts like family twinning, homestays, and peace clubs, CPI-Kenya works to rehabilitate relationships between children, families, and social institutions affected by conflict resulting from adversity between tribal neighbors.

Children’s Peace Building Program

KenyaThe IMTD CPI-Kenya Project fosters the development of peacebuilding practices by setting project evaluation metrics and frameworks, leading a ground evaluation, and securing grant funding. It also utilizes an academic and experiential curriculum to empower children to be advocates for peace in inter-ethnic conflict communities in the northern region of Kenya. The program facilitates conflict resolution training, teaches conscientious leadership and problem solving, and promotes inter-ethnic relationship building.

The efforts of the IMTD partnership with CPI-Kenya foster social networks that will lead to a reduction in inter-tribal conflict, and an increase in economic stability and educational progress in Northern Kenya. CPI-Kenya is establishing a foundation of friendship and creating peace structures capable of transforming relationships between communities in conflict in and beyond the region.

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