Ireland: Supporting the Peace Process


Ireland’s Good Friday Peace Agreement negotiated by US Senator Mitchell, remains volatile and sensitive to collapse.  We help peace endure by supporting victims and survivors of the Troubles’ conflict to heal through our Legacy of the Past -Victims’ Voices initiative.
We help transform survivors’ voices into inspirational tools to both honor the fallen and persuade others to turn away from both dissident and loyalist violence.
Our founder, US Ambassador John McDonald has prioritized assisting human rights and conflict resolution in Northern Ireland in initiatives as far back as 1990.
IMTD has been meeting with conflict survivors to support their voices for healing and countering violent extremism.  We amplify their stories of self to also help guide agencies and governments to understand their needs.  We emphasize this approach to pay tribute to innocent victims on all sides.
In supporting survivors’ involvement in offering compelling counter-narratives to the appeal of terrorism and violent extremism, we hope to help heal the aftermath of atrocities such as Omagh, Greysteel, Shankill, Enniskillen, Loughinisland and others.  And ultimately to help prevent them from ever happening again.
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