India/Pakistan: Peace Corridor


IMTD’s main current activities in India include establishing a Peace Corridor between Sikh shrines across the Indo-Pak border and being actively involved in solving the Kashmir conflict.

Kartarpur Peace Corridor

The feasibility report on the Kartarpur Peace Corridor project, prepared by the IMTD, outlined the plan to link the Gurudwara of Dera Baba Nanak in India with Kartarpur Sahib in Pakistan. IMTD has since moved quickly and forwarded the copies of the feasibility report to the Prime Ministers’, External Affairs Ministers’ and the Ministry of Highways of both India and Pakistan. Encouraging replies in favor of the peace corridor have been received from the Members of Parliament from the Indian and Pakistani Punjab provinces. Notwithstanding the nimble move on the project due to the strained relations between the countries, IMTD has approached the State Department and the diplomatic community in Washington D.C for intervention to push the project.

As part of the progress, IMTD has created a network of Associates in India and Pakistan, who are further working with respective governments to fructify the peace building project. Further, IMTD is moving aggressively to create associations with the Sikh Diaspora in the United States, especially in California, New Jersey and Washington D.C to facilitate the progress of approval and eventual construction of the corridor. As a preliminary measure, IMTD is drawing on the plans to enable the peace bus between the holy sites on either side of the international border. IMTD is also working on an agenda to set up its offices in New Delhi and Islamabad to carry forward its mission.

IMTD looks forward to the Sikh community and the Diaspora for spreading the media awareness and lending private donations to move vigorously on the project.