Advisory Board

Ambassador McDonald consults with the members of the International Advisory Council on an irregular basis.

Dr. Landrum Bolling

The former President of Earlman College, he is a renowned Middle East expert and is currently advisor to Mercy Corps and the Conflict Management Group.

Dr. Parris Chang

Dr. Chang is a member of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan. He is the DPP’s co-chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a former Professor of Political Science at Pennsylvania State University.

Dr. Louise Diamond

Dr. Diamond is a co-founder of IMTD, has over twenty years experience as a psychotherapist, human relations trainer, author, OD consultant, and health educator. She now runs the Peace Company.

Dr. Jean Freymond

Dr. Freymond has been Director of the Centre for Applied Studies in International Negotiations in Geneva, Switzerland since 1980. He is an author, lecturer, professor, and practitioner.

G. David Hurd

Mr. Hurd is Chairman Emeritus and former Chief Executive Officer for the Principal Financial Group, a Des Moines-based financial services organization.

Ambassador Princeton Lyman

Ambassador Lyman is the Executive Director of the Global Interdependence Initiative at the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC and led a distinguished US diplomatic career before that.

Joseph Montville

Mr. Montville is a former US diplomat, coined the phrase “Track- Two Diplomacy.” In 1982, he served as the Director of the Preventive Diplomacy Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, DC for nine years.

Richard Ruffin

Mr. Ruffin is the Executive Vice President of Initiatives of Change-International in Washington DC.

Dr. Paul van Tongeren

Dr. van Tongeren is Executive Director of the European Centre for Conflict Prevention. He was the initiator of the Searching for Peace programme that aims at recording, describing and analyzing prevention and management efforts in the main violent conflicts in the world.

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo

Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo is the founder and director of Sunray Meditation Society. She has traveled around the world speaking on Cherokee philosophy and Native American sovereignty issues.