Since 1992, IMTD has initiated and facilitated various conflict resolution and conflict transformation projects in troubled regions in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle‐East.

CARE International Trainings

IMTD has worked with CARE International to lead trainings in conflict resolution and peacebuilding in Kenya, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Jordan, and the United States. Read more.

Cyprus: Leadership in Conflict Resolution

Bringing together leaders from political, cultural, and economic backgrounds, IMTD trained over 2,500 Greek and Turkish Cypriots over a period of eight years. Following the years of training, the deputy prime minister of the Turkish Muslim North raised the gates on the green line, encouraging Cypriots from both sides to move about freely and to coexist peacefully. Read more.

Ethiopia: Press Freedom and Accessibility

IMTD sponsored dialogues with Ethiopian expatriates that have led to the creation of a media project designed to promote press freedom and access in Ethiopia. Read more

Equatorial Guinea: Social Development

Due to involvement of IMTD and Ambassador McDonald, Equatorial Guinea has been promoting government funding and private-sector development and infrastructure to address the needs of its people through education, health, the environment, women’s issues, and sanitation. Read more.

Israel and Palestine: The Geneva Initiative

Ambassador McDonald and Karen Dickman, the Water Project Manager, met with officials from Israel and Palestine to discuss the original agreement and the future use of the agreement as a tool for building larger peace agreements. Read more.

Liberia: Conflict Resolution Training

IMTD’s Dr. Eileen Borris was influential in offering training programs in conflict resolution, multi-track diplomacy, and forgiveness in the healing of wounds from mass murder in Liberia. Read more.

National Defense University

Teaser: IMTD staff taught an elective course at the National Defense University entitled Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding. Over the 6 years this course was offered, IMTD reached 180 participants from 53 countries, including both military and civilian students. Read more.

Nigeria: Niger Delta Peace Forum

IMTD has facilitated and supported the Niger Delta Peace Forum by training 100 members in conflict resolution, group facilitation, and leadership skills. Read more

Pakistan and India: The People’s Bus

As a result of Ambassador McDonald’s work on behalf of IMTD, the People’s Bus crossed the rebuilt and renamed Peace Bridge from Pakistan into Indian Kashmir in 2005 for the first time since 1947. Read more

Russia: Peer Mediation Training

Consultant to IMTD, Noa Davenport, traveled to Rostov to do conflict resolution and peer mediation training with over 100 teachers from Chechnya and Rostov at a conference organized by Women of the Don. Read more.

Sierra Leone: Do No Harm Training

In 1997, during a peaceful period in Sierra Leone, members of IMTD’s staff conducted conflict resolution workshops that involved conflict analysis, Aikido, and “do no harm” training. Read more

Somalia: Engaging Civil Society

Ambassador McDonald and Program Associate Chris Bjornestad were able to meet with the Somali Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Dahir Sheik-Nor, who committed to conflict resolution through engaging government, civil society, non-governmental organizations, and citizens to build lasting peace in Somalia. Read more

Sudan: Reconciliation and Inter-religious Understanding

IMTD founder Ambassador McDonald and staff met with the Sudan Council of Churches and carried out an intensive conflict resolution and leadership training to encourage inter-religious understanding. Read more

Tanzania: Integrating Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

After an IMTD-led training in Tanzania, citizens founded the Tanzanian Conflict Resolution Center, which conducts its own trainings that seek to integrate Tanzanian ways of peacebuilding with western conflict resolution theory. Read more

Water for the Poor Act

Through its Water and Sanitation Project, IMTD is supporting the fight to make water a priority globally. Read more